Qwerty 33/34 Launching Soon!

It’s almost here! We have set up camp by the mailbox and conducted dance-based rituals to the weather gods to stave off any wayward blizzards, and Qwerty’s first ever double issue is due to arrive any minute.

The launch of Qwerty 33/34 is set for Thursday, December 10th at 6:30 PM down at Wilser’s Room. Join us for readings of some of the editors’ faves from the new issue–there will also be games! and prizes! and a fancy door prize including a rare, limited-edition copy of the Doubles chapbook, our joint venture with Echolocation! And, of course, you can watch the return of our current house band, Marky Mark and the Jarmen: featuring (shocker) Mark Anthony Jarman on the harmonica, with Qwerty nerds Alex Carey and Ryan Gaio on guitar and vocals. Lastly, managing editors Katie and Rebecca will announce Qwerty’s 2015 Pushcart nominations. Excitement! Fun! Suspense! RSVP here!

Seriously, though: the suspense is killing us. We are therefore unveiling the double covers and contributors in advance of the launch. Behold! The stunning glory that Qwerty has grown up to be. Raise a glass of Picaroons to toast the artists and writers who make Qwerty joyous, and join us for another round on Thursday.

q33 cover

Cover art: Jorge Armand Thielen / Design: Billy Johnson

q34 cover

Cover art: Ivan de Monbrison / Design: Rebecca Salazar

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