Qwerty Reads: February Recap

Between a few days of false-spring weather, another NB ice storm, a rain storm or two, and that thing called life that sometimes involves actually doing work, it’s been a busy week since February 18th’s latest Qwerty Reads.

This month’s instalment featured readings from all kinds of new friends: UNB’s new writer-in-residence Naomi K. Lewis, and six (six! our cup floweth over!) first-year MA students

Thanks to our beloved readers, the staff at the Capital Complex, the Brunswickan for buzzing about our event, and CHSR for interviewing Qwerty Reads organizer Ryan and writer-in-residence Naomi K. Lewis.


The Jarmen, sans Mark Jarman.


The crowd flocks in for the readings (and the Winter Warmer).


Emily Skov-Nielsen reads her gut-punch gorgeous poems.


Alison Parsons magicks us into a fairy-tale world.


Jenna Albert with poems on the Albert St. boa constrictor (seriously).


Erfan Mojib sweetens the deal with more apricots than you think you can handle.


Robert Norsworthy reaches new heights in humour and poetry (and height).


Grace Annear takes us lovingly back to all our awkward childhood moments at funerals.


Headliner and new writer-in-residence Naomi K. Lewis!!!


Our gracious emcee Ryan Gaio (help us convince him to read soon!).


A splendid night for all. Even the Wilser’s Room stag head approved.


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