Qwerty Reads: November Edition

Greetings, friends!

For those of you who were unable to join us at the November edition of Qwerty Reads down at Wilser’s Room a couple weeks ago, we won’t lie: you missed something good. But don’t feel too sad. We’re here to share some pictures and offer you a brief recap of the evening.

To start the night off, Marky Mark and the Jarmen graced our stage to play their debut show together. Mark Jarman (on harmonica), Alex Carey, and Ryan Gaio (both on vocals and guitar) got us grooving with a strum and twang-heavy set that started out with John K. Samsons’ “When I Write My Master’s Thesis,” took an energetic turn through “Folsom Prison Blues,” and closed up with a Waitsian rendition of “Good Night Irene.”

Reid Lodge, local poet and trans rights activist, took some time out of his busy schedule to feed us congealing strawberries and beets, take us to the ocean, and get some raspberry seeds stuck in our teeth.


Reid Lodge

Qwerty editor Rebecca Salazar took the stage next, rendering break-ups through environmental disasters and giving us the score on estrogen-mimicking compounds before glittering up our torsos.


Rebecca Salazar

Triny Finlay treated us to a sneak peak of the “sex phase”-poems from the project she is currently working on before taking us out for first-date martinis, then dropping us down in the flood and demanding we make a decision: will we be anchor, or not?


Triny Finlay

After taking a short break to have our glasses replenished by our good friends at Wilser’s, Noah Page took us to camp where we watched his attempt to teach a young girl to draw 3D houses derail into painting, then prop-making, as he tried to keep up with her attention. He knelt us down urgently with the dog shit on the sidewalk, speaking in humpback and bat-sonar, in attempt to find the right language to get through to a young boy.

Gerard Beirne helped us tie a bow on the night by taking us to (of all places) Brandon, Manitoba, where we fooled around under a bear skin, met a shot gun named Bess, watched that same lady-of-a-weapon take down a honking goose before we tore into her greasy flesh and said good night.


Gerard Beirne reading from his newest novel, Charlie Tallulah

We’re already looking forward to the next gathering which, by the way, is coming up December 10th at Wilser’s Room where we will be launching our special double issue, QWERTY 33/34. We hope you will all be there to join us! Until then, keep your attention tuned.


Our Favourite People

P.S. Thanks to Ryan Gaio for doing double duty – no, triple! Singing, making sweet sounds on the guitar, and hosting. We gratefully salute you.

IMG_1478 RYan.JPG

Ryan Gaio


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