Managing Editors  Emily Skov-Nielsen and Rebecca Salazar can be reached at

Mail can be sent to Qwerty Magazine, University of New Brunswick Department of English, P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3, Canada.

Ordering Qwerty

To order copies of current or past issues, please send a cheque or money order to our mailing address above (yep, we’re old-fashioned, sometimes). All orders should include a letter specifying the issues you wish to purchase, as well as a shipping address. It is advisable to contact us by email first and ensure that we have a sufficient number of copies in stock.

  • $ 10 for our latest issue ($ 15 for the 33/34 double issue)
  • $ 6 for any one of our fabulous back issues
  • $ 15 for our latest issue + any one back issue ($ 20 for 33/34 + any one back issue)

Copies of Qwerty are usually available for sale at Qwerty Reads events. Attend the next reading for surprise discounted rates or bonus gifts!

Fredericton Book Sellers

  • Westminster Books — 445 King Street
  • Reid’s Newsstand — 435 King Street
  • UNB Bookstore — 29 Dineen Drive

Twitter: @Qwerty_Magazine

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