Qwerty in A(u)ction

Have you been meaning to update your Qwerty collection? Do you like supporting small-town writers who are making big-time change? Your time is now!

Qwerty has donated a set of our 33/34 double issue + 5 back issues to a fundraising auction for AJ Ripley’s gender-confirming surgery fund*. AJ is a local writer, artist, academic, and activist in Fredericton whose writing can make you laugh, cry, have several epiphanies, and ache to stand up and do something for the world within a few sentences. They are a fantastic member of the New Brunswick arts community, and Qwerty is happy to know them!

Peruse the set of Qwerty issues and other auction items, and place a bid through this gallery until May 25th at 9am (arts! crafts! books! snacks!). Read more about AJ and their work on their blog, and donate directly to their campaign here.


Not pictured: issues 29 and 33/34, as both were too busy celebrating when this photo was taken.

*New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that does not cover the cost of gender-confirming surgeries. To learn more about trans* rights in NB, check out On Hold, a documentary produced by Vice in 2015, and featuring AJ along with a few other Qwerty friends.


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