Qwerty Launch Pushed to January

While we continue to recover from blizzard that stormed out the original date of our Qwerty 32 launch, we have unfortunately been unable to find a suitable date in December to reschedule.

We're sad about this. But we'll be ok.

We’re sad about this, but we’ll be ok.

We’ll be back in January with an even bigger party than we had originally planned–and the added time will only add suspense to the unveiling of Qwerty’s fabulous new design (and, we might add, great-feeling and eco-friendly paper stock).

In the mean time, there are still a few weeks left to submit to the Echolocation-Qwerty chapbook contest! So, keep Qwerty in your thoughts while you travel home, or while you bake and immediately consume copious amounts of holiday cookies, because Qwerty will be thinking of you, too.


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