Big changes + Call for Submissions



While things may have seemed quiet on the Qwerty front of late, rest assured that we have been hard at work on many a secret project. We are almost ready to show the world how far the Qwertyverse is expanding!

First and foremost: after over 20 years and 34 issues in print, Qwerty is moving from print to online publication. Having only redesigned the magazine over the past two years, this was a difficult decision for the editors to make. The new medium, however, will allow us to distribute the fantastic work we publish on a much larger scale (free of charge to readers!), and to pay our contributors (more details soon!). Issue 35 will be our first-ever online-only issue, and is due to launch on a brand-new website on November 17th. Stay tuned! The new website is still under construction, and we will be adding a redirect link here as soon as it goes live.

Second, and just as imporantly, the call for submissions for Issue 36 is now open. Qwerty will be accepting your poetry, fiction, art, reviews, and artwork from November 1st, 2016, to March 1st, 2017. So go ahead–join the new phase of the Qwertyverse, and submit!

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