Qwerty Launch + Pushcart Nominees

Thanks to everyone who came out to the launch of Qwerty 33/34 last night! As usual, special thanks to Wilser’s Room for hosting, to our contributors for keeping us alive and excited, and to our musical accompaniment: Marky Mark and the Jarmen, and solo artist Property//.

Managing Editors Katie and Rebecca closed the readings with selections from our Pushcart nominations. Congratulations to our nominees!

Shaun Robinson, “American Men” and “Urban Animals”

Jamie Sharpe, “Baby Camouflage/Imprints on Glass”

Stevie Howell, “The Perseids”and “I’ve left nothing inside on purpose”

Marc Tretin, “On her 95th Birthday”

Congratulations, too, to our door prize winners: Carlos, Melissa, and Drew. We hope you enjoy the new books!


Our huge, gorgeous baby.


Back issues were up for grabs, too.


The Jarmen: Alex Carey and Ryan Gaio.


Alex serenades us with a solo piece.


The Picaroons taps listening attentively.


Alex puts on his Fiction Editor cap to read Kathyn Mockler’s “When the World Ends.”


Poetry Editor Emily Skov-Nielsen reads Rosalyn Yake’s “Little Girl.”


Fiction Editor Steven Suntres reads Brian DiNuzzo’s “Pub Runner.”


Some of our favourite people.


Managing Editor Katie Fewster-Yan reads two poems by Shaun Robinson.


A surprise set of improvised chill vibes by Property//. 


The Wilser’s stag approves.


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