EchoQwerty Contest Winners

Illustration by Laura Ritland.

Illustration by Laura Ritland.

We double-dutched. We double-crossed each other a little. We met in secret, bridging two provincial borders over two prophetic weekends, and we doubled back to finally arrive at the winning entries of the EcholoQwerty Doubles Contest.

First place:

“Straight Man” by Sugar Le Fae

Second place:

“Stone Formations Along the Marginal Way” by Jennifer Martelli

Honourable mentions:

“Aubade I” and “Corridors” by Adèle Barclay

“Looping String” by Marcus Creaghan

“a wish in reverse, is this called regret?” by Cara Evans

“The Expendables 2 2” by Max Karpinski

“Pest Control” by Michael Meagher

Many thanks to all those who helped us spread the word about our collaboration, to the respective staffs of Echolocation and Qwerty magazines for their support, their hard work, and their patience with some inexplicably bad jokes about ducks, and most especially, to everyone who submitted to the contest.

The winning pieces and all honourable mentions will be printed in the Doubles Chapbook, to be printed soon, and launched separately in Toronto and Fredericton—more details to come in the following weeks. Congratulations, all!


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