2015 Qwerty-Echolocation Chapbook Contest

Poster by Andre Babyn.

Poster by Andre Babyn.

It’s happening! Toronto’s echolocation magazine and New Brunswick’s QWERTY magazine and are going halves. We’re two of a kind. We’re partners in crime. We’re a duo. Gentle writerly folk, we present the 2015 QWERTY-echolocation Joint Chapbook Contest!

Submit your best poems and short fiction on the theme of DOUBLES from November 1 to December 31, 2014. Stun us with your literary panache and ingenious theme interpretation to win $200 (first place) $100 (second place) and publication in a limited-edition, stand-alone chapbook.


Contest opens:

November 1, 2014

Contest closes:

December 31, 2014


Contest guidelines:

Submit 1 short fiction (max. 2,000 words) or 3 poems (max. 2 pages per poem).

Entry fee:

$5. Each contestant receives a copy of the finished chapbook. Contestants may submit additional entries (another 3 poems or another short story) for $3.

How to submit:

  1. Go to http://echolocationmag.com/?page_id=1348and pay your $5 submission fee. Record your PayPal Confirmation Number.
  2. Email your submission as .doc, .docx, or .pdf to: echoqwerty.contest@gmail.com
  3. Include your Name, Mailing Address, and PayPal Confirmation Numberin the body of your email. Submissions without a PayPal Confirmation Number will be disqualified.

Do not include your name on any part of the attached document (entries will be judged blind)

Fiction should be double spaced. Single-space poetry.

Winners will be announced in January.


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