Creative Jobs in Canada

It’s about that time – whether you’re a student or a recent grad, the job hunt is underway. Check out our favourite job search engines for anything to do with writing, editing, and all that fancy art business. We’ll keep updating if you keep reading.

Quill and Quire’s Job Board
Only a few listings at a time, but they’re all the real deal. (Plus, when the applications process makes you forget why you ever wanted to do this in the first place, you’re a stone’s throw from some excellent Canadian publishing content!) Q&Q is based in Toronto, so a lot of their listings are, too, but it’s always worth checking in.

Work in Culture
A tidy site for jobs, courses, and resources, with what seems to be a growing emphasis on e-learning and workshops. Unfortunately, almost entirely skewed toward Ontario, with a few listings from big cities across Canada and the States.

Canada Arts Connect
Smaller job list here, but it’s got only those super creative jobs we know you’re really hoping for. That plus courses, auditions, calls for submissions, and plenty of other resources makes this a highly useful tool. They’ve also done some nice expansion into an arts culture mag – at the very least, you can pitch them some freelance.

Of course. You pretty much can’t avoid it anymore, so get on there. Bullhorn says 97% of North American recruiters check LinkedIn, for both active and passive job searchers. (A little over half check Facebook.) One of the top things they’re looking for: good grammar and a clean profile (so you writerly types should be just fine). Plus, LinkedIn’s job list – even for Canada – has gotten pretty great, and their search model has a lot of versatility to find just the right creative opportunities.

Fresh Gigs
A small-ish database (but then, them’s the pickings) focusing on marketing, communications, media, and creative careers. Simple search engine, and a nice blog that includes conferences, clips, and interviews along with the usual job tips.
Another biggy. Indeed’s got a great list that culls from jobsites all over, with direct links to those sites or the company’s career page. It can get annoying to have to navigate so many different sites quickly, but it’s worth it just for the breadth. The advanced search function gets you some nice detail, and even searching something basic like Creative pulls up some nice hits.

Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs
A nice little blog with freelance and full time writing jobs. No easy search function, but regular updates with positions across the country.

oDesk or Elance
The two biggest freelance contractor sites, which means there’s a bit more protection for writers and employers than on smaller sites (that can tend to scams, payment issues, and other nightmares). We haven’t used either, ourselves, but general opinion seems to be that it’s a decent way to earn some extra freelance money (although not toooo much). If you’ve used them or any other freelancing site, let us know in the comments!

Creative Jobs Central
These guys have very little available to users who don’t want to pay (a different model from LinkedIn, where you can get anything but detailed stats for free), and it’s definitely not the best search engine. But if you’re looking to expand your listings, you can always pull job titles from here and search for them elsewhere. Stealth skillz can definitely be added to your resume.

Canada Council for the Arts
Don’t forget to check in on grants and prizes, while you’re at it – and don’t let the guidelines daunt you. Especially if you’re relying on a freelance career, or just starting out with part time work, these are worth a shot. The next deadline for creative writers is October 1.

Let us know your favourite jobsites and/or article links below!

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