Zack & Luc

Zack & Luc

Director/writer Robert Gray’s new film project is off to a roaring start! The Indiegogo campaign only just started, and the funds for Super 8 film are already almost halfway earned. You better check it out, quick – the perks for contributing are so fantastic, we’ve no idea how they’ll make any money off them. DVDs, scripts, posters, and digital downloads are all available, depending on your level of contribution. Check the link below, and scan through a quick description of the film – it sounds pretty rad!

“zack & luc” is the story of two ordinary men in a relationship. It captures the small moments, the ones we often don’t remember to remember: brushing our teeth together, having breakfast and perusing the newspaper, running through the woods, and looking at the stars. It is a dramatic, experimental short film that will be presented entirely in split screen, the perspectives of the two men presented side-by-side. One side of the split screen is chronological while the other is reverse chronological: each moment is pushed up against another.  This means the audience sees the first and last moment together simultaneously and at the end of the film sees the last and the first moments there again from the two men’s perspectives.


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